Friday, August 2, 2013

Blue Chip Jersey cards are creepy.

Here's the next card from my 2012 Limited break. I broke 2 boxes of this so far this year. These blue chip cards are kind of weird as far as the photography they decided to put on here. Seriously this dude is pretty creepy. I son't always agree that helmets off is a bad thing on cards, but in this case, please don't give me  this look like you're going put something in my drink. Seriously bro, smile, something. This is not a good look for you Robert Turbin.

Overall the design is good. Mostly white cards are a welcome break from the base silver foil cards. I like the look of the gold foil in the monikers auto set but the silver looks cheap and overdone. All the lines in the background are pretty distracting as well.

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