Thursday, August 1, 2013

Murder wuz the case that they gave me....

So I pulled this card. Kind of a cool one, or would have been had Hernandez not gotten arrested last month for murder. As more details are coming out it seem the Patriots knew about his questionable and violent behavior before all of this went down. If he really did do it you have to question the intelligence of dumping the body half a mile from your own mansion. All the evidence seems to point to him, otherwise there's no way he would have been arrested and then released from the Patriots shortly after. Will he ever play football again? We don't know. In the mean time his cards have not lost much if any value. Much like OJ Simpson's cards there are some that want to have the autograph of someone notorious, someone that used to be a star and now is the subject of national media. Oddly enough I'd have to count myself in that category. I've always been interested in criminal cases, forensics and how they catch the bad guys. The gold Monikers set has quite a few limited cards, the highest print run of any of these is 25, like this one and there are some that are 1/1's like the Willis McGahee and the Jerry Rice.

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