Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Football Challenge card Time~

My 1990 Vikings Police set came in. Here's a photo of the whole lot that I purchased from Ebay. The history on these cards isn't readily available on the internet. The back of the Chris Doleman card says: "You can get your Vikings cards only from peace officers. There will be lots of chances to get your cards, but don't ask the officers when they are busy. Only ask when it is safe." No kidding right? What moron would ask for cards when the officer is on scene at an accident or a murder? Might have been kind of funny to ask for these cards when you got pulled over for something. I don't know if they came as a full set when handed out? This seems likely but this has to be the closest thing to an oddball set I've ever owned. My 13 year old Becket says this set is worth 5.00, I paid about 8.00 with shipping for this set. Cards are very thin stock and seem cheaply produced, this is to be expected with this type of issue and the era.

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