Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Finest Alfred Morris

Here's today's add of "The Butler". Too bad the Redskins have done so poorly this year, it has really caused the value of two of the hobby's darlings of last year, RGIII and this 6th round surprise. These chromium base cards are a testament to Topps's superior design skills. When I watch some of the box breaks that are coming out of products like "Prestige" (really one of the most poorly designed brands every year, wish this set would just die) and "Absolute" as in Absolute Horseshit cards it makes me that much more grateful for this brand. I was watching a segment on ESPN called "Mint Condition" where "Adam" from Dave and Adam's Card World was discussing the market today. Seems that Topps Finest was the brand of the year and that really seems correct. When you see the product and hold it in your hands it's really the best thing I've seen in a while. The colored refractors, the veteran content and even the base set is probably the best I've seen  this year.

Since I subscribe to Sport's Collector's Daily on Facebook I see many posts about older cards which gives me an appreciation for how cool it is to open packs, especially older packs. Nothing better than to pull old timey hall of famers on just regular cardboard, the way it used to be. Sure you're going to pay a bunch for some boxes like stuff from the 1970s, but the junk wax boxes of the 1990's can be just as fun. Have you ever opened a box of 1991 Pacific? I did last night and it's odd how they were packaged almost like Klondike Bars, no sealing was necessary back in those days because there were no inserts and no "Pack Feelers". Today they have to seal packs, put in dummy cards and it's honestly not even safe to buy boxes from anyone but trusted dealers because who knows if the case hit was already pulled and then you're stuck buying a box with no chance for that huge lifetime hit.

My "pull box" is extremely full but by the time it's empty I'll probably be able to buy a really cool box from 2012, I'm thinking Exquisite or Topps Five Star might be really awesome to do.

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