Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today's card is one I pulled about a year ago, box hit appears to be nearly worthless.

The card I pulled last December and am finally adding to my stash illustrates the dangers of breaking a box on your own. This was the main box hit. If you look on Ebay right now you will see 15 of these for sale, some of them with a buy-it-now of 5.99. For a 100 dollar plus box that isn't very good at all. That being said, there were not too many patch autos that you can pull to save the box value. The only ones that come to mind is Lesean McCoy and Matthew Stafford. Even the Mike Wallace and the Knowshown Moreno would only fetch 20-30 dollars on the secondary market. Same thing with Mark Sanchez since he's not the starter in New York any more. Sanchez was one of those players I never understood the attraction of collectors seeing as he never really showed much to me the whole time he played. Guess it's just the blind collectors assigning value to starting quarterbacks in the NFL regardless of the chance of them being a long term solution to a bad team (see Matt McGloin).

This particular pic I grabbed off of Ebay but my specific serial number is 384/999 and at least is a multicolored name patch nearly identical to this one.

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