Saturday, December 14, 2013

Slinging Sammy Baugh and a very important Portis card

Here are this week's  notable pickups. First we got a Sammy Baugh "Majestic" Jersey card. Now, normally I wouldn't go all bonkers over a jersey card but this one has a jersey that could be at the youngest 61 years old because Baugh's last season was in 1952. That's pretty damn cool if you ask me. Initially I had bought this as resell card because I got it for very cheap a year or two ago. The card has some creasing on it and due to some recent bad experiences on Ebay where the buyer didn't read my description I've decided it's better not to sell damaged cards. Unfortunately people are idiots and even when you state in the description and take several closeups of the damage, it's still not enough.

So I'm keeping that one and it's still a great card. People get so caught up in condition but this isn't really something I'm a stickler on. I'd like to have the card look great but if there's a few flaws, so be it! If you look at really old cards, they have all kinds of round corners, bends and things like that.

The next card is a recapture of the SP Authentic card I had sold off a few years ago as I needed some extra cash and never repurchased. The original time I bought it (back in 2002) I remember paying 80 dollars for it. Now I got this one in a lot along with a Portis Contenders autograph AND a Finest Autograph for 30.00. Can't beat that anywhere. Now I have an extra contenders and a finest auto that I can sell off and probably end up getting this one for free. You gotta love wheeling and dealing on Ebay because great deals can be had that you'll never find at your local card shop. If I had to guess, these cards would have set me back over 100 dollars or more if I bought these from a dealer. Anyway, I'm stoked.

The final card I added was a Colin Kaepernick Topps Finest Refractor from this year. First card in my personal collection from the Kap although I had an autographed Inception card that I made a nice profit on last year when he went insane in the playoffs!

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