Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Finest Chris Johnson # 57

Here's the next card in my growing 2013 Topps Finest set! This card is # 57 in the set so I'm about a third of the way through my base cards.

On a side noteI usually am a Panini basher just like Adam Gellman of Sportscards Uncensored but I gotta say their new Hoops Basketball game on Facebook is really cool and revolutionary. You purchase "Packs" from the store and are able to fill up your album with their basketball set. What's really cool is you can examine these cards closely front and back. They correspond to the real Hoops set which is beyond awesome. You can even get jersey and autograph cards from the better packs. It's similar to the idea introduced on the Madden franchise. You then have a ""pack war" element which I've never been into in real life but I can see how it might be cool. Anyway, you gotta check it out if you get the chance!

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