Sunday, December 8, 2013

Time to get back to the "challenge" of the Football Challenge

While I like opening packs the idea of the football challenge was much more fun. Looking at eBay and finding the first card for sale, then trying to get that card at the best price is more fun to me than breaking a box and finding cards that aren't even worth 25% of the box price. So the next card I'll be hunting for is this one! 2002 Pacific Heads Up Josh Reed. Josh Reed was a rookie WR for the Bills that didn't have much impact. I doubt even the best of his 1/1's would top 100 dollars. The highest one went for an undisclosed price (a best offer that started at 29.99) of a press-pass jersey card numbered 1/25 two color. Not many of his cards have even eclipsed 10.00. So I'll be on the hunt for this and let you guys know when I win it!

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