Saturday, December 21, 2013

Adding daily, here's today's card with a bit of a rant

Today's card is 2013 Topps Finest # 48 Andy Dalton. Dalton's one of those star quarterbacks who I could see being considered one of the game's elite in a couple of years. If you had to choose a few players that are going to take the mantle from the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady you might look at this guy who's more of a traditional passer and not as likely to get injured like the running QB's tend to do (see Robert Griffin III) and also has a good receiving corps around him. So I'm enjoying today's add. It's kind of hard not to go out and bust some more wax right now but this method of adding daily from previous breaks is really the way to keep the addiction down to a minimum. I've also been in the habit of adding cards to the stash that I've tried to sell on eBay; my rule is if I can't sell it for .99 cents than I'd just as soon add it to the collection. Ebay tends to be somewhat of a garage sale with rock bottom prices happening daily on cards. While it's great as a buyer, it's not so great as a seller and if I'm not going to get at least a dollar plus shipping out of it, if it's not a double I'm going to just add it to my own collection.

On Beckett I've heard of people throwing away base cards and I'm stunned. Why would you pay good money for packs and not appreciate every card you got? That's just crazy to me. At least donate them to a children's hospital! No wonder people hate Americans.

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