Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Finest BenJarvus Green-Ellis

Today's addition is my first "Law Firm" card. Since the Bengals handily knocked off the Ravens yesterday I'd have to say we're going to see a brief spike in Dalton, Green-Ellis and Giovani Bernard cards unless they do the unspeakable and go really far in the playoffs. Due to past performances I'd say this is not likely but I'm hoping it will. I've got an Andy Dalton Elite RC Auto that I'm selling on Ebay and I could end up making money on that card. My strategy for selling cards is simple. I start out by asking the highest amount that the card has ever actually sold for in the last 60 days. Each time the auction ends unsold I will lower the price very slightly until it ends up selling. This may be a slow way to sell cards but I'm always happy when they do sell. This means I got the maximum possible value for the card and the card has time to sit on the market for a while. While this can backfire (injuries, suspensions and the like) 9 times out of 10 the card sells for more than if I had listed it for 99 cents and just let bidders decide what it goes for. Exceptions to the rule would be if the player is super hot (see Kaepernick in the playoffs last year and Foles in the middle of the season this year). At that point it's best to set it at 99 cents and let it go because you WILL see a good profit on the card. And you don't want to risk poor performance or injury in a week or two. A good example was when I sold my Case Keenum SP Authentic AU RC for 29 dollars when I purchased it last year for 6.00. The bottom dropped out a couple weeks later when he got benched. So it's a bit of luck and some planning needed on your part but Ebay can be fun and profitable for collectors and investors alike!

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