Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 more Blue Wave Refractors and I hit a first!

With these three Blue Wave refractors this is the first month where I maintained focus and every day I added a card I needed for this set. I managed to add a couple more blue wave refractor autographs to my incoming list. My goal for these is to snag any good deals that I see and to add the cheapest ones first. The most expensive autograph, by far, is the Eddie Lacy from the Packers. This one is the granddaddy of the set for the moment, where I was able to get the Mike Gillislee today for around 8 bucks including shipping, the Lacy can't be touched for less than 250.

My focus for May was going to be getting all the Bills cards and I will be getting all of the base at least with some help from Mike's Stadium Sportscards. He gathered up the four remaining base cards I need including the EJ Manuel. Getting the 4 autographs in May could be kind of costly though. They are all on Ebay as we speak but with BIN (Buy it Now) prices they are not in auction format and therefore would be more expensive than you could normally get them for. I'll wait and see if they pop up as auctions.

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