Saturday, September 13, 2014

A couple more Topps Chrome base cards in the books

Here's a pair of really cool cards, albeit the most common cards you can get out of a box of Chrome. I like how the Dalton they chose to go with a horizontal layout. I don't think I've seen this too much in issues past. Either they went all horizontal or all portrait but not too much mixing and matching from what I remember. Andy Dalton had a great 1st game and collectors might see that this guy is undervalued despite the hobby black hole of a team he's playing on as well as his "choke in the playoffs" misconception that he's being assigned. You have to remember how ineffectual the Bengals have been for most of their existence. Dalton is the sole reason why they went to the playoffs so it would be wise to remember this.

The Ed Reed card should look strange to long-time collectors since he's in a new uniform. 2014 brought him to his third team, the New York Jets. He may do better in his new environment because the Jets have a far better chance this year of making the playoffs. Reed seemed to be poorly motivated and perhaps not himself last year, could have been the front office, could have been his age but he wasn't the same player that Houston thought they were getting. Now expectations have been reasonably lowered perhaps he can have a better season somewhere else.

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