Friday, September 26, 2014

A rookie autographed from my Five Star Break!

This card unfortunately isn't valued very high (you can BIN it for 9.99 on Ebay) so it certainly is a great argument against breaking high dollar wax. We were introduced to the idea of Flawless moving over to football and those boxes will run around 1200 to 1300 dollars a box. The cards look great but as Adam Gellman mentioned in his blog, what happens when you get low end rookies? What happens when Manziel gets a chance and then tanks? Long term value of these cards and even the unopened boxes I can't see down the road. If you want to say ouch to yourself, look at a box break of 2006 Exquisite football on YouTube. I got to witness a couple when they had the "Best of Football" breaks, esentially a cut hall of famer auto and an unopened box from the past. I never saw an old school break that went well, that returned value on the money spent. In the box of 2006 Exquisite I saw a redemption for some no-name player and a patch auto of Lawrence Maroney. He had a few good years but is now a largely forgotten Patriots running back. Is the card cool? Hell yah! Is it worth more than 20 dollars on the open market? Nope! That's the issue with high end releases in football. Players in this sport tend to "flash in the pan" for a few games or even a few years. Some end up being serviceable players but mostly uncollected. This is due to the nature of the game, injuries and the fact that collectors in our sport are not as intelligent when it comes to monetary collecting decisions as perhaps other sports with more history and older collectors that have been around the block. Personally I don't try to get all the top hot rookies because I've made those mistakes earlier in my collecting career. Now I know all you have to do is wait to get the cards you want, usually for a much more reasonable price than the first year they came out. 

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