Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Today's card #22 Alex Smith in a new uniform

Here's my first Alex Smith card as a Chief! He's been in the league a while and was considered by many to be a bust. The last few years he's done more than a serviceable job for the Niners and the Chiefs. One thing I've noticed about sellers on Ebay is the funny trend of trying to recoup those first round draft pick dollars that they spent on him in 2005. You will see many WAY overpriced cards on Ebay and it's like, hey, you do realize this guy's only thrown for 81 TDs in his 9 year career? Never won a Superbowl? Paying several hundred dollars for any of his rookie cards is bordering on insane. Paying several thousand, even for a one of one like this? You gotta be out of your goddamned mind to think anyone would pay the price of a small car for this card. Anyway, I'll enjoy my 50 cent card here and let the sellers continue to dream and list their cards that will never sell for years on end...

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