Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nice base card from 2013 Topps Five Star Football

2013 Topps Five Star #15 Matt Ryan

Today's addition is from a box of Five Star that I opened in April. This is the base card of Matt Ryan, it's number 15 in the set and is limited to 208 copies. I've only added one card so far of the 8 that came from the box. Just trying to savor the beauty of these cards since it's not often I can afford to drop money on a box like this. I intended to keep all of the cards but just add them slowly to the collection so I can fully appreciate them.

I've really gained a ton of interest in vintage cards. I used to have a real tiny starter set (I think 10 cards of the 108 in the set) of 1948 Bowman football. These black and white undersized cards were one of the first main issues of football cards making them historically significant and yet undervalued in some collector's eyes. If you have any interest in this set and want to see what these look like you can find a complete gallery here

For financial reasons I had to sell off this starter set a few years ago but it's time to get some of the lower priced singles again and see how far I can get. I'm not one of those collectors that is super concerned about condition. I don't want a card with super bad corners, bad stains as these tend to get, wrinkles in the card or really bad off centering. What's interesting about the 1948 Bowman set though is that every 3rd card is a shortprint! This makes for a very challenging set but if I'm willing to put up with some poor examples I can probably put this together over a long period of time. As with any set builder has to be, you gotta be patient.

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