Saturday, November 22, 2014

1997 Pacific Prisms Baseball

Today's card is another beauty from 1997 Pacific Prisms Baseball. This is #55 in the set. This would have to be my first card with a player named Geronimo for sure. The Oakland As are another one of those popular teams, not as popular as the Yankees but they have some championships. 9 of them in fact, something which I wasn't aware of since I don't follow baseball very closely. The last one they've won was in 1989 so it's been a while for this club. Every time I see these cards I'm still blown away by the intricacy of them. My only complaint on the design of this is that by having the name in all those colors and printing it in vertical fashion it makes it very very hard to read. Obviously they were trying to think outside the box on this design but this doesn't work very well.

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