Sunday, November 16, 2014

Finally some Football card additions!

It's been a bit since I've had any football cards to add to my collection. Most of the cards I've added over the last couple of weeks have been baseball and in keeping with trying to keep this blog focused on the football end. As you might have noticed I've become pretty enamored with the 2013 Topps Chrome brand. Two of these cards are off of eBay, (The Justin Hunter Photo Variation RC seen at the bottom  and the Luke Joeckel Blue Wave autograph numbered to 50 at the top). The middle one I got from Mike's Stadium Sports Cards in Aurora CO for a fair price. The Lacy is probably the most valuable of the three because of his hobby status. The other two are only important to me as a set builder. The Blue wave autograph which I love by the way is my sixth in the set. The variation photo card is my second in the set, I added the Peyton Manning not too long ago. I got some other cards at Mikes, very Broncos heavy as usual but I'll keep those under wraps until the time comes.

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