Sunday, November 30, 2014

New cards for the last few days

       Here are my latest additions to the football collection. As you can see it's all Chrome and Finest. Two of these are older ones from 2005. My favorite one here is the Vincent Jackson followed by the Montee Ball 1986 RC insert from last year's chrome. 

        I've been reading a ton of posts on the Blowout cards forum about how purchasing a box or god forbid a case of 2014 Topps Chrome is a "dumpster fire" this year because of the massive amount of cases released. You can tell the print run is huge because of the gigantic (73 RC base autograph) checklist. Some of these guys like Conner Shaw (no longer in the NFL) and Jordan Lynch for the Dolphins (Who? That's what I said...) will be really disappointing for collectors as their box hit. There are still many cards that collectors WILL be happy to pull, many more than last year. The receiver class is insane this year and if you pull one of the other top QBs it's not so bad either. The problem is that the really good autographs are so hard to pull that the box prices have tumbled by 20 dollars in the last few days. This is absolutely unheard of and a testament to just how bad these boxes are for rippers and flippers. I actually am not sorry to see it happen because it means cheaper prices for real collectors like me. You can find a ton of singles for rock bottom prices right out of the gate on Ebay right now.  

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