Friday, November 28, 2014

In three days I've added 2 case hits of Topps Chrome and an older base card

These three cards are my additions for the last three days. The first two don't look very special but they are in fact the base variation cards for 2013 Topps Chrome. Each one of these cards were had at  a great price, the Austin was .99 cents plus shipping which is what you could expect to pay for a base RC card. The Peterson would have had much more interest earlier in the year, these were typically selling for around 20.00 but due to his legal troubles I was able to pick it up for about 2.50 plus shipping. When I set out to do the 55 card SP set from this year I expected to pay an average of 10.00 a card. So far I've been able to pick up quite a few for much much less than that. Even though these were correctly named variation cards in the listing I'm not sure if the buyers really know the rarity of the cards, hence the low values. Another possibility is the demand has fallen off greatly due to the newest Topps Chrome release which just came out on Wednesday.

The Steven Jackson is a base card I pulled from a 2005 box I broke but never cataloged and organized. A better design than the 2004 set, I love seeing how the designs progressed year after year.

In terms of Chrome I went looking for the inaugural set on Ebay, the 1996 Topps chrome set. While you can find many singles, I haven't seen the set for sale nor any completed auctions. While it's easy to get a full set from the last few years it seems like any sets that were for sale were bought a long time ago. With older sets you just have to be patient. If I decide to so the 1996 set I may have to do it the old fashioned way, card by card.

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