Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday's football day right?

This is a rookie refractor out of 2013 Topps Chrome that I bought last week at my local card shop. Part of the fun with a real card shop is sifting through all the singles to find the cards you want. Sort of like an Easter egg hunt when they have thousands of singles. This will by my ninth refractor card out of that 220 card set. I've always been a closet Eagles fan ever since Donovan Mcnabb got drafted in 1999. He went on to have a great career and was pretty fun to watch. Barkley's rookies have cooled off significantly since it's clear he's a third string QB (although with the injury to Foles he's now #2). I love all the attention that Mark Sanchez has gotten but last week's stumble just proves that he's Mark Sanchez and is prone to turnovers. Who knows? We might see this guy playing quicker than collectors might think.

These refractor cards are cool in the right light but at first glance they do look like the base cards. Luckily there is the word "Refractor" on the back to help collectors out.

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