Saturday, November 8, 2014

Skip numbered 1981 Donruss Baseball cards

These three cards are today's addition. They are numbers 573 (Dennis Lamp), 583 (Ken Oberkfell) and 593 (Bombo Rivera). While not quite as exciting as my Manning pickup yesterday these are still some great cards that are over 30 years old. They might be vastly over produced but this was Donruss's first foray into the baseball card market. They also were the only series to have gum in the packs. As an inaugural issue there are many factual and statistical errors present on the card, they are also poorly cut and centered so I imagine that these are difficult to get back from a grading company with very high grades because of the issue of centering. On all three of the cards I added to my collection they suffered from poorly centered cuts both front and back. At least there is not a black border to contend with, we all know that black bordered cards suffer badly from chipping.

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