Friday, November 7, 2014

Fantastic card for me today

Today's card for me is about as cool as you can get. It's not often when you can get a rare card of one of the best in the game and I really love Topps Chrome from any year. I bought one box and tons and tons of singles. I completed the base set this year as well, finished the last card (#220 Colin Kaepernick) a couple of weeks ago. Here's a link to an article on the cardboard connection website that shows all the variations in a visual guide. 2013 Topps Chrome Variation SPs

My guess is that somewhere someone hasn't noticed the super shortprint because of lack of labeling on the card. I have noticed that the back of the Manning card has a career blurb rather than a long list of stats like the base card does. To the untrained eye this card looks like it belongs to the base set, nothing more. I wonder in the future how much value will be lost on these cards, it will take an expert for that year's chrome to identify these. I wish Topps had put some sort of labeling on the back to identify these as SPs but maybe collectors like it better this way. Right now most sellers seem to be aware of their value and most of these cards are listed for sale as we speak. I'm either going for #2 in the set next, the Larry Fitzgerald or the next card I need for my 2012 Spx collection, the RPA for Nick Foles. We all know he suffered an injury last week so now might be the time to buy. His prices haven't seemed to fall much but I would expect in the next few weeks collectors will realize that Sanchez not Foles is at the helm and values will soften a bit. As I've always recommended, this is the time to buy.

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