Thursday, November 20, 2014

Going with a baseball one today

Today's card is one of the really nice 1997 Pacfic Prisms Baseball. This is #55 Bernie Williams. I remember as a kid loving every Yankee card I pulled just for the sheer fact that I knew they were more valuable. I used to trade all my Padres for Yankees. This one would have been no exception. The photo doesn't do it justice as the photo is printed on a clear acrylic. This card illustrates the height of late 1990's insert parallel goodness that you used to be able to find in packs. The innovation continues, there's a new sports release nearly every week of the year so the companies have tried it all. This was on the cusp of the autograph and jersey revolution. Manufacturers were trying to find new and interesting ways to market and sell these cards. I love this baseball set, it's a pretty one to look at in person. Unfortunately I probably only have about 80% of it from buying packs in 1997. Cards on the internet were just becoming a thing back then. I'm sure I could complete it pretty easily now if I dedicated the effort to it.

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