Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In celebration of 2014 Topps Chrome Football...

Today's card comes at you from a decade ago. I'm assuming I opened a bunch of packs back then because lo and behold I have at least 100 chrome cards from years past. I like this look with the white borders. The text and photo only are chrome as you can see from this pictures. Looking back on this set as it has progressed you can see the variations have gotten out of control depending on how you collect. As a set collector it's a nightmare. If you're a player or team collector all these variants are much more attractive. I remember buying a box of 2005 Topps Chrome for roughly 55.00 in the year it was released. All I got were a few inserts, 5 or 6 refractors and that was it. Autographs were in the product but at vastly long odds. If I remember correctly the best card I got out of this box was a Darren Sproles RC.

Things have changes in some ways for worse but in many ways better for the hobby. Now you will always get an autograph and with inflation, (for another 20 bucks a box than it was 10  years ago)
75-80 dollars for a box of Chrome is in my opinion, not so bad.

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