Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A pair of running backs from 2011 SP Authentic added

Yesterday and today brings a pair of SP Authentic base rookies into the fold, Leshoure which is card 89 in the set and Harper, card #9.

Leshoure has some very nice variations including a gold autograph numbered to 15 copies and the base Auto RC Jersey that we've come to expect from this product numbered to 699.

So far I've only added one autograph to my collection this month so, kind of slow for the really cool expensive cards. I've mostly added base cards from 1992 Skybox and some of these base SP Authentic rookies. The JJ Watt, the Cam Newton (which I have now) and the Kaepernick RC are the keys to this set but there are some nice ones to be had like Aldon Smith and Andy Dalton which are some forgotten gems out of the 2011 class.

One thing I've noticed on Ebay is that of the newer products nearly every card that exists has been sold in the last 60 days. This may not be true for really rare cards or items that are more than 5 years old but it's really the biggest source of cards online, forget all the retailers and even Johnny-Come-Latelys like Check Out My Cards .com

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