Friday, March 28, 2014

Another three out of 2013 Topps Chrome, my vote for product of the year

The more I'm learning about Topps Chrome as I add these cards to my collection the more I'm revising my vote for product of the year from Finest to Chrome. Chrome has so much more of a rich history and the rookie cards really feel like more of a special pull than the base rookie from finest felt like. Just look at the Tyler Wilson. He may never play in the NFL from what I've been hearing but the card looks dynamic and worth the price of admission. 

When you look back at some of the huge Topps Chrome rookies, obviously in basketball Kobe Bryant comes to mind but for football you've got Eli Manning and Aaron Rogers being huge cards to have in a personal collection. In terms of the grand scheme of things, there are obviously much better cards to have than Topps Chrome base rookies, SP authentic of years past, Exquisite and the newly released National Treasures trump most any cards you can pull in these boxes but the "bang for your buck" seems so much more present in this middle tiered brand than the money pit that most boxes seem to be these days, especially in the rookie drought that was 2013. Can't wait to get my first Johnny Football card this year but I'm waiting for some real brands other than Sage, Press Pass and Leaf Metal to spend my money on.

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