Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Today's adds, a 17 year old pack pull and a couple hot new cards from 2013 Topps Chrome

Today's additions come from 1997 Leaf Signature series and 2013 Topps Chrome. The Mathieu card I pulled from a box in January and I got the Werner in a lot of Topps Chrome off of Ebay in February sometime. These blue wave refractors were very popular last year but you may remember they were only available to collectors who had a redemption from this product. These were extra cards in 2012 that Topps would send out to say "Thanks for waiting!" This subset returned in 2013 but this time they come at a rate of 1 per box and you actually get the card live, in the box without having to wait. I've decided to go after the regular blue wave non-autoed set as well as the Rookie Refractor Autographs which are numbered to 50. This will be a very difficult set to put together. The good news is that these can be found on Ebay pretty easily right now. I imagine that will change after a year or so as more of these go into private collections. The best time to strike for new products is now because they just get harder and harder to find.

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