Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something old and something new

These two cards are pretty dissimilar in era and production methods. The first one is 1992 Skybox Impact #190 Russell Maryland of the Cowboys dynasty. The cardboard is ultra thin but was just pulled from a pack that my boss gave me from his old stuff laying around. The second one is a really cool Blue Wave Refractor autograph parrallell of Dernard Robinson numbered to 125 copies. Looking at these two cards side by side it's crazy how much card collecting has changed since I started in 1987. The first card came from a .50 cent pack though and the second from a 50 dollar pack. I never would have expected the shift to autographed and memorabilia cards 20 years ago and I never would have believed that packs would be so expensive. That being said I'd much prefer the way things are now.

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