Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A real blast from the Past 1991 Wild card Draft #119 Brett Favre

Today's card looks rather primitive by today's foil board and autographed card scene. The cardboard is as thin as you can get and could be in no way considered a premium card. This is a collegiate licensed product so Favre is shown here in his Ol' Miss uniform. Initially I thought it was a Falcons uniform with the logo airbrushed off the side. One could see how I might make this mistake but because it's clearly marked as a collegiate licensed product on the back I realized this was not the case. The draw for these cards was the "stripe designation" for the insert cards. Each higher tier of "stripe" on the top was progressively more difficult to get. This might not have been the first insert but I could imagine the Beckett magazine was filled with these cards topping the hot list back in the early 1990's.

Despite the gaudy printing style and general ugliness of the card one can't deny that this is a cool one because it features one of the game's greatest QBs of all time. Would I want to go out and seek the other 3000 or so cards with all the variations and shortprints? I'd say not but I'm content with one of the best cards from the set. It sells any where from 2-5 dollars on Ebay and it's safe to say that it will never lose value. Eventually it might even be viewed as a classic.

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