Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Today's card, a super sweet RC year card of Cam Newton Carolina Panthers

        Today's card is 2011 Sp Authentic #94 Cam Newton. This is not officially considered a rookie card as Upper Deck started doing a strange thing with their products in 2011. We're all used to the base cards of veterans, a pack will mostly yield 18th year cards of Peyton Manning, 14th year Tom Brady cards and the like. Well with 2011 Sp authentic (Spx and Threads were also lumped together in this large set) we started to see the era of the base rookie card.  Base cards in 2011 Spx/Sp Authentic/Threads were rookie year cards but not officially considered rookies for some reason. 

         Despite the fact they are not rookies and they don't feature pro uniforms they are still pretty damn cool cards that are well designed and balanced. I pulled this from a pack in 2011 and it's sat in my "to be filed" box until today. Looking in my collections on Beckett this is my second Cam Newton card.

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