Saturday, March 29, 2014

This day has absolutely EPIC additions. 3 autographs including Terrell Davis, one of my favorite players of all time.

The first card that I added today was from 2011 Leaf Limited, a "Material Monikers" autograph of Terrell Davis #26/35 purchased from Mike's Stadium Sports Cards. I have a couple of other Terrell Davis Autos but this would be my first Jersey auto card. While it is a sticker auto the design is clean and it's a nice addition to the cards I already have from 2011 Limited. I bought a box of this in 2012 and my main hit there was another Broncos RB auto, Knowshon Moreno Silver Monikers autograph numbered to 50. The other two cards, while not garnering much attention on the secondary market (or probably any market outside Arizona) are autographs and are from a high end product (2013 Bowman Sterling) that I broke late last year. Had I done a team break like I was originally planning the Cardinals would have killed this box as this team had 2 autographs and several jersey cards including a nasty multicolored swatch that you will see sometime soon. The Okafor is one of those sweet blue wave refractors which has entranced me every time I pull them, the main reason I am going after the 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave Refractor set. The Bowman Sterling set has them too and they look just as cool in this product, maybe even more because they are so thick. Even the base autographs require a 180 point holder to properly house them.

Very cool to add three autographs to my collection in one day, especially when most of my additions this month have been from old base sets.

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