Monday, March 31, 2014

More 2013 Topps Chrome including a sweet one per box Blue Wave Refractor!

Not a bad day when all three of your card adds are rookies. Yesterday I added a few base cards from Topps Chrome 2013 like Eli Manning and an offensive lineman from the Giants. What's cool about the chrome set is that it's about half and half between rookies and veterans so if you're like most people and love the rookies, they are there but if you like star cards like Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, this is the perfect set for you too.

As I mentioned I'm attempting to complete the massively tough Blue Wave Refractor set. This is my third card and I have a lot of cards from this set sitting at my desk right now that I was lucky to get at a good price. They really don't have them at the local shop yet as they haven't really hit the live secondary market too much but online they can be had very cheap, especially if you are willing to pony up for them in bulk. I hit it out of the park on Ebay last night where I won a lot of 45 blue wave refractors (including a Peyton Manning who I've seen go for well over 6 or 7 dollars by itself) for about 64 cents a card. If you think you are going to get a deal like that at a card shop or card show I'd say good luck. The fact that these are coming out at 1 card per box makes this deal even more unbelievable. While the base blue waves are pretty cheap the autographs are another story. Since these are numbered to 50 I'm seeing prices for small time rookies go way more than I would have expected. Seems like others are trying to complete this set too.

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