Monday, March 24, 2014

Some new additions that are pretty old 1997 Leaf Signature 8 x 10 series

I was going through some of my old boxes of cards and came across these really cool autographed 8 x 10 authenticated cards from 1997 Leaf Signature. I remember buying a couple of these packs in San Antonio when I was visiting my wife's aunt at a local card shop. At the time these packs were selling for an unheard of 30.00 per pack but you were guaranteed an autograph in each pack, something nobody else was doing at the time. 1997 was about when things were starting to ramp up in the hobby with jersey cards and autographs becoming far more plentiful. Does anyone remember their first pack pulled autograph? I sort of do. It was around 1997 and I pulled a race car driver (I think it was Bill Elliot but I'm not sure) from a pack at the base commissary. Since I was stationed out in the middle of nowhere the base and Target was the only place I could really get packs. I remember being so excited but back then pulling any autograph was a huge deal. 

These particular ones were pretty cool as you could frame them. I have the Garrison Hearst (former running back for the Bengals, 49ers and Broncos) hanging on my wall that I put a matte and frame around. Even some on Ebay are showing up as framed.

I think I got the Druckenmiller card at a later time. Believe it or not I was collecting this guy in 1997, I remember having quite a few autographs of his and they were not dirt cheap like they are now. I'm sure all of you prospectors have a similar story of cards you've overpaid for in retrospect.

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