Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A couple cool cards for the collection!

     A couple cool cards here. My JJ Watt  #159 came in the mail just 2 days after winning it so we've got another one of these in the books. The other one is a 1999 Topps Gold Label (I've added the black version but the regular one is pictured here). I think this was the most confusing parallel set of all time because many times the only thing that differs on these cards is the little logo (Topps Gold Label) at the top. The 1998 was even more difficult to discern. I have put together both of these base sets but for some reason I dumped all the parallels in a box and it has sat for just about 15 years. Going through your old box and pack breaks can be fun because you can forget about the pulls you made if you set the cards aside you don't need for sets like I did. I remember being really enamored with the Topps Gold label design because of the rainbow look, at the time this printing technology was pretty innovative. We were just starting to get away from the super thin and unattractive sets of the 80s and 90s. I think that 1999 really sparked it off as to what sets would become although one could make the case for 1998 being that year with the huge cards that came out of 1998 SP Authentic. I remember breaking a few packs that year hoping for a (don't laugh) Brian Griese RC. I obviously should have been wishing for a Peyton Manning RC but I think the best card I got was a Stephen Alexander RC nuumbered to 2000. Back then I believe these packs were going for around 20.00 apiece. This was at the very top of high end at the time and set the precedent for this hobby going out of the kid friendly prices and into the savvy investor/adult collector realm.

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