Friday, June 20, 2014

A few new cards including a Blue Wave refractor

Here are my last three days of additions folks! The Hakeem Nicks is a nice addition because it brings me up to 75 of 280 total Blue Wave Refractors that I need for my set. On the days that I don't have one of these guys in the mail I'm adding the Topps Chrome cards from a break I did earlier this year. I sort of enjoy the 1 card a day add because it allows me to really focus and appreciate each card I add to my collection. Interesting how free agency is so prevalent in today's NFL that 2 of the three players here are now on different teams (Nicks with the Colts, Chris Johnson "C2K" is now with the Jets). There are rumblings out of the Andre Johnson camp that he wants out of Houston and personally I can't say I blame him. What star in their 30's wants to wait out a rebuilding period? That being said, Houston was in the playoffs the year before so their glory days are not that far removed. Since personally I believe in being loyal I can't see the benefit of moving to a whole new team, a whole new system and possibly a no-better situation than before. If he went to a team that needed that missing piece (San Francisco would be a perfect fit for  Andre Johnson) he could get that coveted SuperBowl ring. It would take exactly the right team and circumstances for it to be worth it for him to leave. Today's players just don't seem to think about anyone but themselves and it has to be frustrating for die-hard Texans fans to hear about this.

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