Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ridiculous amount of Blue Wave Refractors added to the fold.

     Lots of cool cards I've added over the last week or so. A huge shout out to Mike's Stadium Sports Cards in Aurora, CO for getting me a good deal on all the Buffalo Bills cards. Mike got them off the internet for me, somehow at cost and kept them at the shop for me until I was able to pick them up. Kudos to brick and mortar shop owners cause they are few and far between these days. Mike runs lots of promotions, is heavy into social media (Constant Contact, Facebook) which you really have to do in these times or you just won't survive. He also runs trade nights/pizza nights/case breaks which are super fun and attract all collectors young and old. You get a good mix of folks on these nights anywhere from 8 year old kids to guys in their sixties.

    I now have all the base blue wave refractor cards from the Bills team. Most notable is the EJ Manuel who had quite a following throughout most of the year. Being the first QB selected in the draft helps your value regardless of your first year results. 

I've had good luck getting some autographed Blue waves in, I've got three now in hand that I'll show over the next few days. After that, the 2 months straight of a blue wave a day, alas, will be over. I will be on the hunt for some more good deals and in the mean time, showcase and finally add to my collection some of the cards I've gotten from box breaks and Ebay over the last couple of years that haven't been cataloged and organized yet.

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