Saturday, June 7, 2014

Today we've got a couple outstanding on card autographs

Today is something my collection doesn't see often and that is two autographs in a row. I'm wondering if these two cards are essentially two case hits. I may have to get on You-Tube and see if I can find any case breaks to figure out if this is indeed how often you'll get the Blue Wave Autographed Refractors. There are some more rare autographs to be sure and with the type of configuration that Topps Chrome offers it may be difficult to say what the actual case hit is. There are so many varieties and parallels this year that it may just be in the eye of the beholder, that is unless one pulls one of the coveted SuperFractors. These are one of the most chased inserts out of all the sports that offer them. I know I'd love to see Topps Chrome get back into the Basketball products and I know I'm not alone in this. I think Hockey would also be a great sport to get licensing as well but these things are easier said than done. This year a Nathan McKinnon Auto Superfractor RC would have probably fetched more than a small car. It's a shame sometimes that contracts and money issues get in the way of card companies making something great. Has Panini improved vastly over the last few years? In some cases yes but competition just makes things better for your average joe collector like me.

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