Monday, June 30, 2014

Danny Amendola Blue Wave refractor in the books!

Another sweet card came in the mail today, #38 Danny Amendola from the Patriots. While I'm enjoying this card I really didn't enjoy the horrific letdown this guy had for me when it came to fantasy football. The hype at the beginning of the season was that he'd fill in nicely for Welker being Brady's number one target. If I would have looked at the long-term stats I would have realized that he has a hard time staying on the field.

 I'm now down to needing 205 cards from this set (so 75 down) with this addition. I added a few more regular Topps Chrome RCs and base cards but from now on I'll just be documenting the cards needed to build this particular set as well as any autos or game used I add to my collection. Got a surprise basketball autographed rookie card coming in the mail. Had to jump on this because I got two cards for about the price of one so I'll just sell the other on Ebay and hopefully get a free card. That's the way to do it right? I'm sure you all know that buying lots is the way to go because most people don't want to take the time to sell on eBay, even if they are avid collectors.

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