Monday, June 9, 2014

Alas, no more blue wave refractors....

Today's addition is just a regular old chrome card, #16 D.J. Hayden. I went through all my Blue wave refractors that I had and now it's time to add more box break cards to the collection. Thanks to my Topps Five Star break I'm a bit short on cash for the collection so I have a method that will net me more cards for my Blue wave set that won't break the bank. I'll bid on the cheapest card possible that I don't have, wait for it to get to me in the mail, rinse and repeat. This means I'll probably get about 3-5 cards a month for that set and the rest of the time I can focus on adding cards that I bought earlier in the year. I've seen the previews for 2014 Score and while this is the first real product of the year I'm not impressed with the photos or the design so I'll pass on breaking any of this. Upper Deck doesn't look that impressive to me anymore either although there are a few nice subsets here and there. The Letterman are pretty cool cards and if you pull a Bridgewater, Manziel or Bortles you more than made up for the box cost. It's a pretty sick gamble otherwise and many smart collectors are saving their money for better products later on in the year.

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