Thursday, June 26, 2014

New cards in the mix. Going to 2 a day!

Here's 6 more cards I'm adding to my collection. We have 4 rookies here and 2 of the better Quarterbacks in the game today. I especially like the Manning. I've noticed that I always disliked him before because he always seemed to bounce the Broncos from the playoffs. Now he's on our team I can't help but enjoy the fact that one of the best ever is now in Denver. he's produced far better than what many critics including myself thought was possible.

I figure I've got so many cards waiting to be added I better step it up to a couple of cards a day. I may even be adding some cards from the other 3 sports in the future. I've got some really old cards from the mid nineties that I broke that somehow never made it as part of any sets and have been gathering dust. I really enjoy basketball and hockey (baseball not as much but it is fun going to games). Baseball is where I started out as a kid and I'll always love the 1987 wood bordered Topps set. I may end up breaking some other boxes from other sports in the future. It has been at least ten years since I've broken anything but football. If you look at basketball there are some cards that are worth so much more than anything but the highest order of football cards (like Walter Payton 1/1's jersey patch cards, Unitas hardsigned cards) can be purchased for about the same price as some of the top basketball high end rookies. There's really nothing that compares to Jordan auto jersey cards or Lebron James Exquisite rookies in football. May be time to check out some other boxes sometime soon.

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