Monday, December 1, 2014

Today's cards are pretty dang cool

       Today's cards feature a bunch of rookies from 2013, most people have been saying this class is the worst in recent memory. Watching Geno Smith throw the ball tonight less times than Tim Tebow one might be inclined to agree. Bell and Lacy have been two bright spots for this class though and the card up top, the Atomic Refractor Rookie is sort of a throwback to some of the die cut stuff they used to do many years ago with the Pacific brand. I believe these were two to a box so these three were hits from a box I broke last year. Earlier this year I added most of the base set to my organize but didn't really focus on adding all of the inserts. With my renewed devotion to all things Finest and Chrome lately I'm adding these sweet cards. Bell had 159 yards receiving yesterday, a very Chris Johnson circa 2010 type number. Collectors seem to finally be realizing that he may be every bit as good as Lacy if not better.

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