Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2014 Topps Chrome Blake Bortles RC AU Challenge (base card added!)

Today's card is a Super Bowl winning QB and someone who plays the opposite of Peyton Manning. In the regular season he's very average but when the playoffs come he performs really well. I heard it said of Manning that he's the best regular season QB of all time but once playoff time comes he turns into Rex Grossman. I'd have to say that's pretty accurate as much as I enjoy watching and collecting Manning. Maybe some day Flacco's cards will be more valuable as he's got more chances to add to his ring count. More valuable than Manning? Maybe a stretch. It's always fun adding a base card of a player that you have an autograph of. Here's my Flacco Auto RC from 2008 Spx (I completed this set in 2012).

Here's the base card for my 2014 Topps Chrome base set. Nice photo on this one!

2014 Topps Chrome Joe Flacco # 6

Base set completion 13%

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