Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2014 Topps Chrome Blake Bortles RC Auto Challenge (new Base card)

      Today's card features a player that I don't have any autographs of. He was a rookie in 2008 and I did complete the 08' Spx set but it didn't feature this future star player. He was a part of National Treasures (a horridly overpriced brand that I don't understand the draw for) but also Contenders. They don't go for huge money but they are pretty cool. I wasn't even sure if Garcon had any RC autos or not.

I realized my calculations on the base card percentage completion rate were off, each card is not = .5% exactly, it's about .45% so over time the percentage gets thrown off. Got some cool cards in the mail today but I don't have any doubles yet so they won't come to light for a while.

2014 Topps Chrome # 18

Base Set 13.18% complete

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