Monday, August 24, 2015

New base card (Blake Bortles 2014 Topps Chrome RC AU Challeng)

Hey guys, here's another installment of my "card of the day" feature, one that will one day culminate perhaps in a RC Autograph of Blake Bortles. After viewing over 75 boxes being opened on YouTube through various sources I finally spotted one that was pulled. This confirms my belief that this will be very difficult to pull myself. By that same token I've seen some of the garbage that's coming out now (Yah, I'm talking about you 2015 Panini Certified) and I really don't mind just opening this product for months and years to come. It's difficult to find boxes at 35 dollars which is what I think the true value should be but when you have to tack shipping on that is what's partially responsible for this. Tonight's card was one of 2013's top hobby kings if 2013 had one. Look at some of the guys that were hot in 2013 like Geno Smith and Montee Ball and most everyone's on the COLD list with the exception of Eddie Lacy from the Packers. Tavon Austin still has some potential but since WR get no hobby love this is little more than eye candy for Rams fans.

2014 Topps Chrome # 57 Tavon Austin

12.5 % of base card set complete

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