Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another one down for the base set

Today's card is a nice card of Matt Forte, RB for the Chicago Bears. I thought I'd showcase the Spx Rookie card that I have of his since it's always fun to pull a base of players where you've already got some cool autograph of. I'm now up to 15% of the base set and I have about 5% of the rookie autographs all from a cheap auction where someone had listed some no-name players a while back for around a dollar a card. Sadly that's about the price you can expect to pay for many of these autographed cards (or happily if you're a buyer completing the set).

On another note I'm really enjoying all of the Topps Digital card apps that you can play on your phone. I'd say the thrill of opening packs in the Bunt, Huddle or Star Wars Trader apps is nearly as fun as opening a real pack and you can do it for free which adds to the appeal. They even have a soccer player card app and I'm on all of them collecting my daily reward and busting packs. If you have not tried it I highly recommend checking any of these apps out to see what suits you.

Matt Forte Spx Rc /599 #171 (from my finished 2008 SPX set)

2014 Topps Chrome Matt Forte #46 (Base set 15% complete)

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