Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another base card down, now at 10% of the base set! (Blake Bortles RC Auto Challenge)

Today's card is 2014 Topps Chrome # 2 Cecil Shorts who now sports a new uniform for the Houston Texans. Reports out of camp say he's a legitimate #2 receiver (but we knew that right?) along DeAndre Hopkins. I'd say the Jaguars were crazy to let this talent go but their front office has never exactly been on top of things. This is one of the guys who could have helped Bortles' stat line this season and perhaps made my chase card more valuable. In any case I'm already up to 10% of the base set just from some throwaway base cards from the group break. Many more to follow. I've made up a couple of rules and thoughts for this challenge as well.

1) No group breaks. I feel like getting into some Jaguars group breaks may be much easier but at the same time it wouldn't be as challenging and I am sure I will see many MANY sets completed for my Topps Chrome master set before this feat is complete.

2) If I pull a double (which will happen quite a bit with base cards as time goes along, maybe even some inserts) I will pull another card from the box. If that card is a double as well I'll add a different card to this blog that's been stored away in my "vault" of cards which includes box breaks, sets and team breaks over the years.

3) I know this can go on for quite some time. Could literally be years. It cheers me up to see box breaks posted online that are 15 + years because it means I will probably be able to find boxes many years down the line for this project.

2014 Topps Chrome # 2 Cecil Shorts
From Group Break January 2015
Base set 10% complete

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