Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Card for the day (2014 Topps Chrome #187 RC AU Blake Bortles Challenge)

Today's card is another base card but by the same token another card closer in the master set and another .5% complete in the base set. If you're a Colts fan this one oughta shake you up as it's just one the best WR to put on the horseshoe. This comes from the 3 team break I did in January. I can't get that excited about a base card anymore (I'm sure many of my readers feel the same way) except for the relevance that it holds to completing a set. I do also enjoy pulling any Broncos even if they are base cards, ESPECIALLY Peyton Manning. Base rookies are pretty cool to because those sometimes hold their value. Just look at the 2005 Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome base RC which often fetches 50.00 or more now. And to think, when the product first came out it was a 3.00 card. I've got 25 more of these cards from my group break, some base and some refractors to show off and add before the first box gets underway.

2014 Topps Chrome Reggie Wayne #14

10.5 % of base set complete

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