Sunday, August 23, 2015

3 more cards getting closer! (Blake Bortles RC AU Challenge)

Here are a few more sweet cards, 2 more for the base set as well as one insert. The base cards bring my total up to 12 % complete (base set) and the insert brings me up to 10 % complete for the "Fantasy Focus" set. I had a couple already added, the Tom Brady and a Jason Witten, so this makes it 3/30 cards. Even the insert sets look really nice here. I will enjoy adding the Broncos cards as well as some of the top players like Adrian Peterson.

In terms of viewing box breaks on YouTube I'm up to 40 boxes and I have not seen a single Bortles Autograph surface. The two best cards I saw broken online were one in a case break where CardsInfinity pulled a Jordan Matthews /25 black refractor autograph and a single box break where a guy pulled a Sammy Watkins pink /75. The difference between the main set and the Topps Chrome Mini is readily apparent. People cracking the mini version are getting far more colored autos and are not getting skunked very often on the autograph that they pull. As Adam Gellman said in his blog, mini is what Topps Chrome should have been.

Enjoy the daily cards and I'll be posting soon! I appreciate everyone that takes time to read my ramblings and pulls; this is the most fun project I've thought of in a while!

2014 Topps Chrome #45 A.J. Green (base set 11.5 % complete)

2014 Topps Chrome # 72 Jamaal Charles (base set 12 % complete)

2014 Topps Chrome "Fantasy Focus" #FF-DM (Insert Set 10% complete)

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