Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Topps Chrome additions, and another Blue Wave Refractor

Today's additions consisted of a base card, a rookie and a Blue Wave Refractor rookie from 2013 Topps Chrome. I was looking around yesterday at the completed auctions for 2012 Blue waves since I'm sort of enamored with this set idea right now. If you guys have seen the "Chuck Strong" version of the Andrew Luck RC refractor that is going for HUGE bucks right now and it's not even autographed. This is the version where he's got his helmet off and his head is shaved to support when head coach Chuck Pagano had cancer in Luck's rookie year. My guess is that it's really really rare and combine that with the fact that it's just a cool card to own and the sky is the limit on this one. An ungraded version of this sold for around 75 bucks which is big money for a non-autographed non-serial numbered card.

Last year's version even included an autographed version of Alfred Morris. This had a shabby looking sticker autograph which ruined the look of the card. This years 60 rookie autos have solved this problem by using a lighter shade above the team logo and eliminating the sticker entirely, a very smooth move by Topps.

If you wanted to purchase a full set of the 2012's the buyer was asking about 2 grand for it. I haven't done any market research on this but my guess is this is well over twice what the market will bear. Full sets don't really do that well on Ebay unless they happen to be rare vintage sets, and even then I'd say the seller will get gouged much more often than if they would break it up.

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