Monday, August 18, 2014

A blast from the past!

Here's a 1991 Pacific card from a break I did earlier this year. This card is 1991 Pacific # 476 Derrick Fenner. These cards were produced in the dead zone of the early nineties. Massively overproduced I got an unopened box of over 300 cards for 9.99 at the local sports card shop at the bargain bin table. This card is the tenth one I've added to my collection of the 300.

Being a set collector I have a pretty cool set coming in from 2013. I broke a box of 2013 Topps Chrome and fell in love so I have the base set coming in. This will join my 2008 Topps Chrome complete set. I'm thinking with the amount of completed sets on Ebay, this might be a fun project. If 2014 Topps Chrome comes out before I'm done adding these cards then I'll get that. If not, I'll grab the 2012 set with the likes of Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Either way I'll be getting a top flight set. 

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